We are delighted to announce that Coriolis Consulting Pty Ltd (Coriolis) and Mosaic Advisory and Capital (Mosaic) have recently acquired the iconic Australian consultancy business, WDScott Asia Pty Ltd.

Established in 1938, WDScott is Australia’s first boutique consultancy and is now one of the most enduring brands in the country. The organisation has and will continue to lead the development and application of leading management practices across key sectors including Financial Services, Utilities, Health, Education, Manufacturing & Value Chains, and the Public sector.

Mark Schubert, CEO of Coriolis said “Coriolis’ growth in Europe and Australia is a result of a strong vision to create a leading consultancy that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people. The Coriolis consultancy framework focuses on harnessing three-dimensional talent™ and there is already strong alignment between Coriolis and WDScott in terms of shared values, culture, consulting philosophies and service offerings. This will lay a firm foundation for our teams to develop new skills and expertise to better serve our clients in the future.”

Mark Dudley, Chairman of Coriolis said “the joint acquisition of WDScott both expands the capability of our key Australian business and provides a platform for significant growth in all of the major markets that we are planning to develop”.

Philip Cormie, Chairman of Mosaic, who has enjoyed a close relationship with WDScott for over 30 years, echoed Mark Dudley’s remarks, adding that “the progressive harmonisation of Coriolis and WDScott’s superb operational pedigrees, as well as the strategic, analytical, process and change leadership credentials of WDScott will expand opportunities for our teams, and increase the depth and range of our services to existing and new clients”.

Mosaic’s interests include Intellectual Property, Advisory and Professional Services, and Sustainable Social Impact Investing.

We are all delighted with the outcome and truly energised by the opportunities that this new chapter will bring.

About Coriolis Consulting Pty

Coriolis Consulting Pty is part of Coriolis, a global consultancy providing expertise in supply chain & operations strategy, planning and execution. Coriolis operates successfully in a market dominated by large consulting firms with huge scale and financial clout. Challenging the status quo is part of our DNA as “Business as usual” has never been a viable option for us. Hence, we have nurtured an agile culture that enables us to respond quickly and intelligently to change where others continue to drive their “processes” or “proven methodology”.

Our clients see us as more than consultants; at the heart of our business are our client relationships.  We develop a bespoke solution that responds directly to our clients’ needs ensuring engagement from the offset.  Organisations with ‘high’ engagement are likely to outperform those with ‘low’ engagement, all else being equal. Coriolis support organisations to be more than equal, outperforming their competition.  Over the last two decades, we have engaged with more than 150 organisations to turn their operating platform into competitive advantage delivering savings in excess of $15 billion.

In everything we do; we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe our engagements make things more than equal. We do this through our three dimensional talent, blending strategic thinking with practical application.

For any business one of the key goals of any transformation programme must be the creation of an organisation which is capable of generating AND sustaining improvement.  We’re a highly experienced and responsive consultancy, maximising the individual potential of people at every level of your organisation. We develop your “Organisational capital” to mobilise and sustain the process of change management required to support and deliver the strategy.